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In the winemaking we guide the wine gently through all stages of development and place great importance on the wood treatment.

We don't wish that our wines be "fruit-driven" or "oaky" but instead that they have great overall balance, good concentration and a silky tannin structure with a fine lingering finish.

We combine modern winemaking techniques with time proven traditional methods. We still use the gentle basket press! During the winemaking process we take great care to maintain the overall balance and fruit charcters from our premium grapes instead trying to manipulate the young wine with over-extraction of tannins, fruit flavours, artificial concentration or inadequate wood management.

We are convinced if the vineyard is managed with the final wines in mind and the winemaker has the in-depth knowledge also of the vineyard the resulting wines are naturally in balance and can be enjoyed when young or after many years of careful cellaring.

With Jenny Dobson's winemaking expertise from Bordeaux and the Gimblett Gravels you can be assured that each wine has been carefully handcrafted. We only make small batches of each of our wines, so we hope you get a chance to enjoy them too.

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