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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan olive oil is very well-known in Europe for its quality. The olive grove was carefully selected by sourcing small trees of the best olive oil varieties from Tuscany.
After two years in quarantine, these trees were planted out on the estate and are now producing very high quality olive oil.
Unison Olive Oil - hand-picked, unfiltered, stunning, rich aromas. There isn't much "Gimblett Gravels Olive Oil" out there so our oil is pretty unique!
The oil has a fresh almost buttery rich texture with a distinct peppery finish. It is wonderfull as a base for Salad dressings and excellent for cooking with. The boys insist it is drizzled on top of their pasta dishes to take the meal to another dimension!
Available in 500ml bottles at the cellar door or order here 

Unison Estate Limited
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