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In 2012 we built a new warehouse sourced a state of the art bottling line which is perfect for smaller parcels of wine or those high end wines that need extra special treatment.
We decided to purchase Italian machinery from GAI. The line has been designed to minimise any oxygen pickup during the bottling process and runs at a maximum of 1000 bottles an hour. This means the whole process is very gentle on the wine and it is not being forced through large filtration systems. 
Apart from bottling our own wines we also offer a bottling service to other wineries or "virtual wineries". The bottling line is run by ourselves so there is always at least one qualified winemaker involved in bottling your precious cargo and rest assured it will be treated as if it were our own.

Services offered

  • Bottle to Cleanskin or Bottle Label Pack
  • Cork or Screw cap bottles
    • 375ml bordeaux
    • 750ml most standard bottle shapes
  • Labeling of Cleanskins and packing

Dry goods

You may supply your own dry goods or we have a supply of standard stock items available. Using our goods means you only have to buy what you actually use so there is no need to pay for and then store left over bottles etc.


We have two 1350L trailer tankers available which you can hook up to your vehicle. There is also a 2400L tank which can be put on a small flatbed truck or a double axle trailer that is rated sufficiently. We also have an 800L tank that will go on most trailers.


For those customers who don't have thier own bonded storage facilities, we have linked in with a local company in Napier. They offer a full logistics distribution service to our customers. They will arrange for your wine to be picked up post bottling and are fully bonded with Customs so no duty is payable till you sell the wine or it is exported. They are fully automated so you can track stock and dispatch bottles anywhere in NZ or the world from your computer.

Not a winery but interested in  sourcing your own label wine?

We can help you through the process of sourcing and finishing wines off prior to bottling. There are many people who operate "virtual wineries" so please let us know your ideas

Like to know more?

Whatever your requirements please get in touch. We are able to guide you through the process and are always happy to show you around. In the first instance please email Philip Horn at Please bear with us it may take a day to get back to you if we are in the middle of a big bottling run!

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